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Bikini Climber Gigi Wu dead after falling down ravine and freezing to death

‘Bikini climber Gigi Wu ‘ reportedly freezes to death after falling off mountain in Taiwan

bikini hiker
A Taiwanese mountaineer known as the ‘bikini hiker’

Taiwan’s ‘Bikini Climber’ social media star Gigi Wu dies after ravine fall in Yushan national park

Gigi Wu was reportedly hiking by herself in Taiwan’s Yushan National Park when she fell into a ravine and was left unable to move.
She managed to call for help on her satellite phone, but bad weather conditions meant rescuers were not able to reach her in time.

Wu had gained a Facebook following of around 18,000 fans who knew her for posting bikini-clad photos atop mountains.

Wu was an experienced climber, though, and photos appear to show her using proper equipment and precautions during her expeditions.

Taiwanese rescue teams were trying Tuesday to retrieve the body of a dead hiker who became famous on social media for taking selfies on top of mountain peaks dressed in a bikini.

Gigi Wu — dubbed the “Bikini Climber” by fans — used a satellite phone on Saturday to tell friends she had fallen down a ravine in Taiwan’s Yushan national park and badly injured herself.

Rescue helicopters struggled to reach her because of bad weather and officials eventually located her lifeless body on Monday.

Fire service spokesman Lin Cheng-yi said: ‘The weather conditions in the mountains are not good, we have asked our rescuers to move the body to a more open space and after the weather clears we will make a request for a helicopter to bring the body down.’

'Bikini climber' reportedly freezes to death after falling off mountain in Taiwan
Bikini Climber Gigi Wu

She is believed to have fallen up to 100ft but she was unable to give her coordinates when she contacted friends.

New Taipei City native Wu, 36, built up a sizeable social media following through photos of herself at the top of mountains dressed in bikinis.

She usually wore hiking clothes to scale the mountains, only changing into a bikini once she reached the top.

In an interview with local channel FTV last year, she said she had scaled more than 100 peaks in four years.

She said: ‘I put on a bikini in each one of the 100 mountains. I only have around 97 bikinis so I accidentally repeated some.’

When asked why she did it, she replied: ‘It just looks so beautiful, what’s not to like?’

Lin said their top rescue team hiked for 28 hours to reach the body, only sleeping for three hours because they knew temperatures were rapidly plunging.

She is the latest in a string of social media adventure seekers who have met an untimely end.

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