Mum of triplets shares candid photos of the effect it has had on her body

Mum of triplets praised for sharing candid snap of her post-baby body

Maria Nordø Jørstad, who is originally from Norway but now lives in Denmark, posted pictures of her belly after birth to show her followers the reality of a new mother’s body

Mum of triplets

Maria Nordø Jørstad, who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, gave birth to her “spontaneous” triplets – Iben, Filip and Agnes – by C-section on September 12.

The mother-of-four had her triplets - Iben, Filip and Agnes
The mother-of-four had her triplets – Iben, Filip and Agnes

The 33-year-old, who is originally from Norway, bravely shared a picture of her “heavy sagging belly” with her 234,000 followers just one week after giving birth – and posted an update at four weeks postpartum.

Pictures of her growing baby bump and ultrasounds scans were put on the account showing the amazing growth of her triplets – Iben, Filip and Agnes.

Maria Nordø Jørstad
Mum of triplets praised for sharing candid snap of her post-baby body

The mum wrote: “I still have a weird looking hanging belly, and I am a bit surprised it has not gotten smaller since my last picture three weeks ago.

And now she has showed off her beautiful post-partum body.

She said: “(My stomach) is still showing, I was kind of surprised that it was still so big. I didn’t know that it takes such a long time to shrink.

The mother-of-four has used the account to speak about women’s bodies post-pregnancy and why it shouldn’t be a ‘taboo’ topic

“Kind of disappointing I must admit, and I am not too happy to share this picture.

Ms Jørstad shared a snap of her body at 12 weeks after giving birth. Showing a shrinking belly with updates from the doctors.

“On the positive side the c-section scar doesn’t hurt anymore, and in the last two days I’ve almost felt like myself again! Except for this heavy sagging belly that is.”

But the mother-of-four is looking on the bright she.

She wrote: “Luckily I can fit into some of my normal pants, so that’s a start.”

Maria and husband Anders, who met on Tinder, are already parents to two-year-old Mikael.

Recent pictures of Maria show how her body has changed after pregnancy and what it is like to mother three newborns, including the challenges of breastfeeding and pumping.

heavy sagging belly
Heavy sagging belly

Mums have rallied round to praise Maria, whose baby bump weighed 20kg, writing: “LOOKIN GOOD MAMA!” and “You are amazing Mama! I had that belly too!”

One woman commented: “You are beautiful in any shape or form.

“You’re such an amazing human being that has brought three angles to this world – you’ll get to your old body in no time, time flies!”

And another added: “Thanks for sharing real photos. Hope you are doing well with the triplets!!”

Last month Maria shared a one week postpartum snap, explaining: “My uterus has not shrinked back yet.

“Because my belly was so stretched it takes longer than usual. I’m really impatient to get my body back!”

It’s incredibly rare to conceive triplets naturally, as Maria and Anders did, with most being born via IVF.

The chances of conceiving triplets is around one in every 9,000 births.

Now the mother, who works as a producer on documentaries. She is hoping her story will inspire others to share their own and be honest about their bodies after giving birth.

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